The NewLife Process:

The NewLife process is very similar to typical home transactions. However, in order to offer the below-market sale price that NewLife Properties offers, transactions must move at a steady and efficient pace. In order to facilitate this process, NewLife Properties has established a network of vendors that are familiar with our process and offer our clients substantial discounts. Ask your Real Estate Agent to inquire about our unique, quick closing credit program. Our program is designed to create an incentive to move the home buying process along at an efficient pace.

NewLife Properties makes all homes available for Home Inspections and we are happy to tend to reasonable repair requests with a choice of generous financial credits or performing the repairs prior to closing. In addition, we guarantee that all homes will qualify for Title Insurance and have the necessary Certificates of Occupancy in place.

In these turbulent economic times, NewLife Properties draws on its 15 successful years acting as a clearinghouse for homes whose owners are unable to take care of them financially. Contact our team directly or have your Real Estate Agent contact us to begin the NewLife process and be in your home within 30 days!

Orange County Association of Realtors